About me

I am Davide Filippa, a translator specialized in Mountain, Outdoor and Active Sports and a qualified member of AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters).

I was lucky to do sports as a child, swimming, skiing, hiking in the mountains, playing tennis and football.

Sport has always followed me, a passion and an essential part of my life and my job.

It was in the winter of 1987, my first part-time experience in selling skis (those long ones!) and skiboots, ski jackets and pants.

Since then, I have never stopped sharing my passion for sport with users: as a specialized in-store salesman, product trainer, events and tests manager, as well as a long period of promotional activities for the specialized press, then from 2008 mainly as a translator and interpreter.

I love the mountains and the sensations they provide us with.

In recent years, this passion has taken me to Nepal, seeing (from afar) the mythical peaks of the Himalayas, but above all discovering and beginning personal projects for the education and support of children, at school.

WHA, acronym for Working at High Altitude, was born in 2008 from this passion and from the many days of work spent on the snow or on the mountain trails for training and product tests.

By searching for a text perfectly suited to the specifics of the sport and of the product, the aim of my work is to sell Brands' products.

WHA on the web

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